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Sheikh Sidi Ahmed Tidjani, Spiritual leader ( photo 1950 par Rigaud studio Constantine)

La tombe de Cheikh Sidi Ben Amor Tidjani

Sheikh Sidi Ahmed Tidjani, Spiritual leader of the zaouia at Temacine.
The tomb of Sheikh Sidi Ben Amor Tidjani.

Guemar is a beautiful oasis in the Souf region – a desert area in the South East erg of Algeria – close to the Tunisian border. Guemar is an important holy place for the Tidjanis, linked geographically and spiritually to the zaouia of Ain Madhi and Témacine. It was here, at Guémar, that the first Tidjania zaouia was created, under the leadership of Sheikh Sidi Ahmed Tidjani.
Sheikh Sidi Ben Amor Tidjani was a member of the resistance and was imprisoned at the start of the conquest of Algeria and was placed under house arrest in a castle in the Bordelaise region of France. He was buried in Guemar. He is the descendent of the founder Sheik Sidi Ahmed Tidjani and great-great grandfather of the current Sheikh. Since the independence of Algeria, the national flag can be seen on his tomb next to the banners of the  Tidjania brotherhood.