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Mausoleum of the Sheikh in Fez, MoroccoMausoleum of the Sheikh in Fez, MoroccoMausoleum of the Sheikh in Fez, Morocco

Mausoleum of the Sheikh in Fez, Morocco


Sheikh Sidi Ahmed el Tidjani is the originator of the Tidjanyia spiritual path, founded around 1781 at Ain Madhi in the South of Algeria. His childhood was marked by miracles and visions of the Prophet, and, while a young man, he lost his parents in the typhoid epidemic. Tidjani then started on a mystical quest which took him through the great spiritual centers of the Maghreb – Fez, Tlemcen and Tunis and Cairo and Mecca in the Orient. One by one, he covered the various stages of the spiritual path towards the Absolute until the Prophet appeared before him as a vision and ordered him to “Remain on this Tarîqa (Spiritual Path) without withdrawing from the world or ceasing contact with men until you attain the spiritual station promised to you, maintaining this state with no discomfort nor difficulty nor religious excess, renounce from now on all the Saints”.
In the 18th century, Sidi Ahmed el Tidjani founded the zaouia brotherhood that bears his name. The Sheikh died at the age of 80 and was buried in Fez.
Thanks to this new vision which tends towards the hereafter without renouncing this world, the Tidjaniya spread like wildfire through the Maghreb to the borders of sub-Saharan Africa. The spiritual capital of the brotherhood has remained Aïn Madhi, like Témacine in Algeria. Its followers and holy places are in Morocco, notably Fez, where its founder is buried, but particularly in sub-Saharan Africa and, more particularly, Senegal where it has a lot of influence.
Rachid Koraïchi’s family has been associated with this brotherhood since its beginning.

Sheikh Sidi Ahmed Tidjani

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