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Sheikh Sidi Ahmed Tidjani Sheikh Sidi Ahmed Tidjani is one of the great figures of Algerian spirituality. He was born of a Berber mother and Cherif father in Cheikh Aïn Mâdhi and is the founder of the Tîjâniya Brotherhood. The Prophet appeared before him in the Bou Semghoun oasis, at Touat, and revealed his mission to him: to find his own path and carry out spiritual initiations. The order spread quickly through Morocco and Tunisia and, from the middle of the 19th century, contributed to the renewal of Muslim spirituality throughout Africa. The Tîjâniya are found in Western Europe, North America, South-East Europe, in the Middle East – Egypt, Syria, Palestine – and all of South-East Asia. They are said to be present in 140 countries and to include more than 250 million members all over the world.
The Koraïchites were the masters of Mecca from the pre-Islamic period. The prophet Mohammed comes from this lineage. The name Koraïchite refers to the person who transmits the message of the Koran. The Koraïchi family arrived in the Algerian desert in the 8th century at the time when Islam was spreading in North Africa. One part of the family went to Spain and Morocco and the other part towards the Algerian desert. The Koraïchis are descended from the Prophet and connected to the Tidjani brotherhood.
For more information, see the translation of the book Kitab El-Adouani by Charles Féraud, 1860, Bibliothèque Nationale de France.