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Etendards, Installation Ancestors linked to the stars Rachid Koraïchi

Installation Ancestors linked to the Stars Rachid Koraïchi

 Ancestors linked to the Stars, Chapelle Méjan, Arles, 2008.

 »  I wanted to give this project the title  » Ancestors Linked to the Stars » because it was the masters themselves who proclaimed that every human being on Earth is linked to a star in the sky: we can see the connection between the sky and the earth made from this link (…) Out of respect for the three religions shown, I deliberately chose for each standard three different textile colours embroidered with matching silk thread. Doesn’t Islam say that we can’t be Muslims if we don’t believe in the prophets Moses and Jesus who came before Mohammed, the prophet of Islam? (Rachid Koraïchi, from the book, » « Les Ancêtres liés aux Etoiles »)