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  » Generally, I come along and disrupt the working routine of artisans by asking them to accompany me in my artistic madness. Once they have accepted this, I live with them as if they were my own family, sharing food, prayers and discussions. Sometimes different workshops and artisans situated in different countries are working on the same project.  The work takes into account economic necessities and I set up a budget which allows several families to live during the few months of the shared work.

…When I arrive with my tracing paper, drawings, ideas, the constraints of these tradesmen are confronted by my artist visions. There is a kind of mutual restraint between the one with his dreams and those with their realism, giving rise to the miracle of the collaboration. I, myself, am surprised each time by the scope the work gradually takes when it is sensitively created using the age-old knowledge of men united to bring beauty to others.” (Rachid Koraïchi)

Rachid Koraïchi  has worked in this manner with artisans from:







Fadila Berrada