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Rachid Koraïchi devant la tombe de Rumi, Konya, Turquie.rumivert

Rachid Koraïchi devant la tombe de Rumi, Konya, Turquie.
Lithograph, 61 x 40 cm, 2009.

Djalal al Dine Rûmi a Persian mystic who profoundly influenced Sufism, came from the town of Balkh (now Afghanistan). He developed his thinking in the town of Konya, Turkey, a centre for cultural exchange between different religious confessions in the 13th century. He founded the order of the Whirling Dervishes.  Rûmi left a large body of work, one of which is the monumental Mathnawi, which mixes stories with poetry and meditations.

Rachid Koraïchi has had an association with Rumi for a long time. In his first installation in Ankara in December 1999, Path of Roses II, he presented 28 ablution basins, decorated with symbols created and painted by the artist together with texts by Rûmi. Later, there wqs an exhibition in Morocco,  Path of Roses II which showed bands of embroidered linen, 28 steel sculptures ( 98 cm high) and 98 steel signs of 28 cm in height. In 2011, Rachid Koraïchi presented all his pieces in homage to Rûmi at the Venice Biennale.