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Dar Koraïchi, Tunis, Rachid Koraïchi Dar Koraïchi, Tunis, Rachid KoraïchiDar Koraïchi, Tunis, Rachid Koraïchi

This old palace (9th to 12th Century) in the Tunis medina quarter was in ruins when Rachid Koraïchi bought it. It belonged to the family of General Ben Turkia. Rachid Koraïchi found the original plans and, together with local craftsmen, embarked on the task of unearthing its soul by removing the different layers of Andalusian, Ottoman, Italian, French and other civilizations that had been added to it. His idea was to renovate it as much as possible and give it a sober, aesthetic exterior.
The work took 17 years.
Rachid Koraïchi would like the palace to be a place for reflection in homage to ‘the wisdom of the world’, and a place for cultural exchange.